Food Bait | 7.5.2018 Open lab in Sweden´s most modern research restaurant
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7.5.2018 Open lab in Sweden´s most modern research restaurant

School of Culinary Arts, Umeå University. Spring’s last part of the product development series was completed with a lab open to the public. The aim of the opportunity was to allow the participants to summarize their knowledge and experience from previous workshops. The purpose of the evening was also a practical opportunity to test their products under development on the public to get an idea of what the potential consumers opinion.


The invited public tried different combinations of food and drink, and were encouraged to think about what fitted together and what did not result a good combination. By receiving feedback from the public, the participants got an idea of ​​their products’ competitiveness. They also got the chance to learn how to mold and paint chocolate pralines to take home.




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