Food Bait | 30.01.2019 Open lab: Sustainability for local food companies
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30.01.2019 Open lab: Sustainability for local food companies

We start the spring in Food Bait with an evening of sustainability!

During the evening, you get to meet with the content marketing agency Spoon and their expertise in sustainability communication in the industry. You also get to meet the ethnologist Matilda Marshall who talks about her results in her thesis Sustainability for dinner, where she has studied the everyday habits we have at home about sustainable food consumption.

In addition, Anders Samuelsson, head chef at Blå huset in Umeå, shares practical inspiration from their KRAV-certified work.
All knowledge you rather during the evening is put into practice in the second part of the evening, where you in groups of local companies together with conceivable consumers make an sustainability plan for a case company, or your own business. By this exercise you get the opportunity to take advantage of the ideas of others and also get feedback from the experts in a final full-group discussion.



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