Food Bait | 15.09.2018 Company visit Kulturbageriet Umeå
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15.09.2018 Company visit Kulturbageriet Umeå

During the weekend of Smakfestivalen in Umeå participants in the project were invited for company visit to Kulturbageriet in Umeå. We got to know the bakery’s vision through a guided tour of the bakery’s interior. Kulturbageriet aim to protectgood quality flour to make sure the quality of the bread.

Flour that are commercially produced tends to be very white, often lacking in taste and natural enzymes, and not very useful for bread baking. The use of older types of flour along with the methods of working the dough results in preserving as much nutrition as possible in the bread. They work with organic products and bake in an old-fashioned manner in stone oven. The dough is gently kneaded with proving times up to 72 hours.

They have innovative thoughts like cinnamon buns of sourdough, and at the same time show respect for tradition and culture. There is an awareness all the way from the flour used in the bakery to vegetables and dairy products from local producers in the pastry making process.


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