Food Bait | 11.9.2017 Workshop 1: Analysing the concept
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11.9.2017 Workshop 1: Analysing the concept



It is not easy to develop the concept of a business yet important to establish an identity for the brand and the products. During four workshops the participants has been given opportunities to develop their businesses through an exchange of knowledge and experiences. In each workshop experts from different fields have been invited to contribute to the development and growth of the small-scale business combining the knowledge from the expertise with craftmanship from the producers.

The aim for the first workshop this fall was to learn the holistic perspective of one’s business. We reflected and analysed the concept of central thread in a business and how the business is perceived from the outside.

The participants along with the invited guests analysed further the characteristics of strong identity of concept and how this identity contribute to strengthen a product and a business on the market. The workshop resulted in self-analysing from the consumers perspective wish will serve as a standpoint in the search for opportunities for development in the next stage.

The small-scale entrepreneurs Pär and Johanna Hellström, owners of Svedjan, gave the participants their perspective and told their story to develop from experiences dairy farmers to become award-winning producers of gourmet cheeses.


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