Food Bait | Umeå Smakfestival 2018
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Umeå Smakfestival 2018

Umeå Smakfestival, the taste festival is an appreciated event and a good opportunity for participants to meet other producers, farmers and customers with the same passion for craftsmanship. It is a great way to get inspiration and ideas as well as ways to test their products to the public.


The theme of this year’s festival is “Origin of the food” and the festival aims to give credit to growers, farmers and food workers and to contribute to a better understanding of from where the food is made and the work that lies behind the food we eat. The festival wants to inspire both invited exhibitors and the public to try new ingredients and dishes.

We will present the project and let the festival visitors try out products from the craftsmen and producers who participated in the project to provide feedback and dialogue about the products under development.


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