Food Bait | 14.5.2018 Workshop on product development 3: Analysing the results
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14.5.2018 Workshop on product development 3: Analysing the results

In workshop 3 we wanted to conclude all the knowledge and the exchange of ideas that we experienced during the spring. We wanted to give the contestants space to analyse their results from the earlier workshops. Along with creating this space for analysing the results profoundly the aim for the workshop was to see what conclusions could be made from the data that we had gathered together in the two workshops before.

It is always helpful to get feedback from other perspectives and therefor a panel of expertise had been invited to the workshop. This to give the contestants opportunity to have individual feedback and create discussion with the experts.


As the expert panel we had invited Marlene Johansson from incubator Uminova eXpression, Jenny Berg from the successful and award-winning chocolate company Vintage Plantations and Emma Nilsson from the industry design agency Struktur Design.


The contestant presented their ideas and proposals individually to the panel and got advises, questions and ideas how to develop further these ideas.


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