Food Bait | 14.09.2018 Company visit to Brännland Cider
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14.09.2018 Company visit to Brännland Cider


Our visit to Brännlands Cider begun with meeting the company’s owner Andreas Sundgren who shared the story and vision of Brännland Cider. The brewery started in 2010 with a dream of making cider on apples from Norrland. After a few years of experiment, inspired by Canadian cider techniques, they discovered that the Swedish apples combined with the northern climate suited were best suited for making Ice-cider.


Ice-cider is a sweet wine produced by fermenting apple juice with a sugar content before fermentation of at least 30% brix. Sugar concentration is achieved by natural cold. Therefore, they let the juice freeze during the cold winter months.


Brännland Cider produces craft cider in the local we visited, which is based entirely on 100% apple juice without flavour or colour additives. Their goal is to create a Swedish crafts cider that impresses all over the world. The apples used originate in both Skåne and Norrland and combins the winter apples picked in Västerbotten with apples the from the apple region in Skåne.

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